Centre of Expertise on Child Sexual Abuse and the Greater Manchester Complex Safeguarding Hub

The Centre of expertise on child sexual abuse is working alongside Greater Manchester (GM) Complex Safeguarding Hub and partner agencies to improve practice with young people who are at risk of harm and exploitation external to the family home (child sexual exploitation, child criminal exploitation, gangs, modern slavery and county lines). This area of practice is known in Greater Manchester as complex safeguarding (information can be found here).

This consortium of organisations, which includes the ten GM authorities, The Children’s Society, Barnardo’s, Greater Manchester Police and Saint Mary’s SARC, will be supported by What Works for Children’s Social Care to design and implement a new, young person and practice-centred approach to increasing safety when considering complex safeguarding issues.  WWCSC’s role, through the PINE programme, will be to bring self-evaluation of the new approach into the design process, so it can be tested from the outset whether the method impacts on outcomes for young people.

The work will involve insights from young people, multi-agency practitioners and learning from the wider complex safeguarding work in Greater Manchester, as well as considering other areas of practice and research, including the research by the  CSA Centre on the use of risk assessments and screening tools in the context of child sexual exploitation.

Nicholas Marsh, Practice Improvement Adviser (Multi-agency) said:

“This is an exciting opportunity for the CSA centre to work with What Works for Children Social care and partners from across Greater Manchester, who, together, will bring great expertise to an emerging area of safeguarding practice. We are looking forward to being a part of a dynamic team of people, who are dedicated to improving outcomes for young people and building on some of the fantastic work that is already happening in this area”