Louise Jones

Director of Programmes

Since joining the team in January 2019, Louise has led on building What Works for Children’s Social Care’s funding capacity, which supports both promising programmes and evaluations undertaken by our Panel of Evaluators. She also supported the set-up of the internal research team during the early establishment of the Centre and served as Interim Head of Research for over a year alongside her main role.

Her work currently includes oversight of the evaluations for the Department for Education’s Supporting Families: Investing in Practice Programme, as well as an extensive portfolio of work which aims to improve the educational attainment of children with a social worker. Louise is also in the process of launching a new What Works for LGBTQ+ group, which brings together expertise from other What Works Centres, to focus on improving the outcomes of LGBTQ+ people.

Before joining WWCSC, Louise worked as a Research Manager for the Behavioural Insights Team and prior to this, worked as a Neuroscience and Mental Health Grants Advisor at Wellcome.

She thoroughly enjoys being a boat dweller in London and dabbles in aerial silks in her spare time.


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