Happier, Healthier Professionals: Goal-setting and Wellbeing Programme

Supporting social care professionals, by trialling a goal-setting and reflection programme to improve wellbeing.


Randomised controlled trial / In progress

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What Works Centre for Children's Social Care

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Local authorities 9
Sample size 1,850
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The Happier, Healthier Professionals research programme aims to support the profession by understanding how local authorities might address rates of employee sickness absence and turnover by introducing interventions designed to alleviate stress and increase employee wellbeing. In this trial, we will test whether giving social workers licence to allocate time to a six-week online programme of goal-setting exercises (between 30 minutes and an hour weekly) reduces time pressure and increases wellbeing. The ‘Social Worker Goals and Wellbeing Programme’ – designed by academics at Royal Holloway and tailored by the Centre – will be randomly allocated to social worker teams across 6 local authorities and its impact measured over 6 months, between May and November 2019.