Who's involved

We are working with a wide range of stakeholders to help to develop the Centre. This includes people who will use the Centre’s future products and services, as well as stakeholders with a wider interest in the creation and use of evidence.

As at June 2018, we have actively engaged with at least:

25 children, young people and family members
137 frontline practitioners and managers
54 senior managers and strategic leaders
33 representatives of partner organisations (e.g. health, education)
39 national organisations, including voluntary sector organisations.

In addition, 1,000 people registered to receive regular email updates about the development of the Centre.

63 local areas have actively engaged with the development of the Centre.

What Works Centre for Children's Social Care Map v18-01

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Engagement activities

Practice insights design research

We carried out detailed practice insights design research at nine local authorities between October and December 2017. This involved meeting families, practitioners, practice experts, managers, senior leaders and strategic leaders, to explore how evidence is currently used, and how it may be developed and used in future.

Site visits

We visited seven local authorities, speaking to senior leaders, managers and practitioners about their views on the Centre.

Practitioner events

We held four practitioner events between December 2017 and January 2018 in Coventry, Bristol, Leeds and London. These were attended by 160 children’s social care practitioners and managers from across the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Local authority partners

Local authorities have applied to become Centre partners. They will work with us to co-develop and test a range of promising approaches to generating and sharing evidence. There will be a second call for partners later in 2018.

For more information visit Co-designing with partners.

Stakeholder panels

Children and young people’s panel

Over 50 children and young people aged 13 to 24 applied to join the Panel.

The first meeting in February 2018 was attended by 20 young people with a range of experiences of social care, including having been on child protection or child in need plans, young people currently in care and care leavers.

View the artwork that they created at this session -Young people’s views on social care and skills needed by social workers

At the second meeting on 1 August 2018, the group considered how young people should be involved in the Centre as it develops, and what outcomes good social care might help them to achieve – now and in the future.

Families and parents

We are working with the Family Rights Group and their networks to engage with parents, grandparents, siblings and carers.

Practitioners’ panel

The panel includes principal social workers, lead practitioners, frontline social workers, and voluntary sector practitioners from across the country.

The following organisations are represented on the panel:

Voluntary and community sector leaders

A group of voluntary sector leaders have met twice (as at July 2018) to provide advice and insights. This includes representatives from:

Meetings with national stakeholders

We meet regularly with key stakeholders including the Children’s Improvement Board, the Principal Social Worker Network, ADASS, BASW, LGA and the Department for Education.

Advisory Council

An advisory group comprising national stakeholders, senior leaders, academics and a young person’s representative. The group guided the very early stages of development. The Group is now disbanded and a new, wider Advisory Council is currently being established.

The Group members were:

Expert advisors panel

The Expert Advisors are working with the Research Partner to develop the standards of evidence and outcomes framework for the Centre.




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