Here we are, the same, only a bit shorter and a bit easier on the eye

17 June 2019

Whenever I think about rebranding my mind is drawn back to an advert from 2008 for the Norwich Union, announcing their rebranding as Aviva, featuring famous people who had also changed their names. As Ringo Starr (formerly Richard Starkey) told us in that advert, sometimes a change in name lets us become who we really were all along.

If this isn’t your first time visiting our website, you might have noticed that we too have undergone some aesthetic changes – one orange replaced by a softer, hopefully more relational orange, with highlights of coral.

What you might not yet have noticed is that we’ve also changed our name, to What Works for Children’s Social Care. This is only a modest change – certainly not as dramatic as Norwich Union to Aviva (with only one letter in common), or Barry John Humphreys to Dame Edna Everage (also featured on the advert), and this reflects the fact that we’re not changing our identity as much – we’re still proudly a What Works centre, and our focus on children’s social care is undimmed. We’ve just made the name a bit shorter so that we’re a bit less of a mouthful.

This ‘rebrand’ is, for us, more of a ‘brand’ – a first establishment of our identity as a organisation as we emerge from our incubation phase. Over the next few weeks and months, our entire visual identity will be changing; from here on our website, through to our Twitter account, and our new and existing reports.

So we hope you like the new look, but remember that this is only a small change. Who we are underneath – a team of people passionate about working with social workers and the broader sector to produce evidence that’s as useful as possible – hasn’t changed at all.