Explore the latest in evidence-based children’s social care with our podcast series

The Talking Research in Children’s Social Care podcast brings you the latest on evidence-based practice to improve outcomes for children, young people and families.

In each episode we discuss different interventions, what the evidence says about their effectiveness, and what this means for people working with and for children and young people who have a social worker. We hear from academics, senior leaders and social workers.

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Strengthening Families, Protecting Children

Our latest season of the podcast looks at the recent pilot evaluations of three initiatives that make up the Strengthening Families, Protecting Children (SFPC) programme. These episodes go live on Monday 15 August 2022.

In each episode our Head of Practice Development, Nimal Jude, discusses one of the three initiatives with SFPC’s lead researcher, Hannah Collyer.

More about SFPC and the research can be found here.

Previous series

COVID-19 Podcasts

Government guidelines around social distancing have forced us all to change how we live and work, not least those working with some of our most vulnerable children and young people.

From our conversations with social workers and Children’s Services Departments across the country, we know that many have responded with imaginative and innovative solutions to the challenges posed by COVID-19. These podcasts will share some of the ways people working in children’s social care are responding, to inspire and reassure you.

If you have a topic you would like us to cover, or you would like to get involved and share how you are adapting to these challenges, please get in touch.