All projects we support are thoroughly evaluated

Our core mission is to provide high quality evidence on whether programmes and interventions can improve outcomes, so the sector can ensure that children, young people and families receive the best, most appropriate services possible.

Evaluation has the power to provide us with a wealth of information – not only on what works, but also for whom, and in what circumstances. This is why evaluation is central to what we do, and all projects we support are thoroughly evaluated.

Our in-house research team will run a small number of evaluations – for example, the Department for Education’s Strengthening Families, Protecting Children programme – but, for the most part, we will engaging independent evaluators.

We have already established two groups to ensure these high standards are continually being met.

Evaluation Advisory Group

Individuals were appointed to our Evaluation Advisory Group (EAG) in May 2019, to provide the Centre with independent expert advice and reflections on current and future projects. The EAG will also provide recommendations on specific methodological and procedural issues, and help develop the Centre’s evaluation guidance.

Education Advisory Group

Individuals from a wide range of educational and child services backgrounds were appointed to our Education Advisory Group (EdAG) in May 2020, to provide What Works for Children’s Social Care (WWCSC) with independent expert advice on our portfolio of education projects. 

Members have the necessary experience to understand the complexities and nuances of Children’s Social Care (CSC), particularly with regard to educational outcomes. The EdAG will focus on the intervention and evaluation design before trials begin and the communication of results once they have come to an end.  

Evaluation partners

Through an open call, organisations were recruited to become evaluation partners in May 2019. These organisations collectively bring a wealth of experience and diverse evaluation expertise.

These organisations will design and run independent evaluations of promising projects supported or funded by the Centre, and will work closely with us and our project partners to provide high quality evidence on the impact of interventions.

Evaluator Resources