Summer internship experience

Maiya Hext
Policy & Communications Intern

31 August 2022

I recently finished a six-week internship at WWCSC, working with the policy and communications teams as part of the Evidence Quarter Summer internship programme. As part of the scheme I was able to select a placement at one of four EQ organisations, and chose WWCSC.

When I applied for the EQ internship, I hoped the scheme would give me an opportunity to build my critical thinking skills, develop foundational skills in policy advocacy and strategic communications, and gain experience of working within a real-world work environment. Over the summer I really feel I had the chance to do just that.

For example, as a care leaver, I already have my personal perspectives on certain issues raised in the Care Review. However, by researching the perspectives of the care sector, listening to WWCSC colleagues’ thoughts and ideas, and by presenting and discussing the recommendations, I developed my own critical views on the recommendations.

I also built on skills in policy advocacy by learning about policy and public affairs functions and mechanisms and how these can be used to advocate for children and young people in care.

Being a part of both the policy and communications teams meant I was also able to understand and observe how both teams work, both individually and collaboratively.

Overall, the internship experience has been extremely valuable for me as a first-year university student. It has clarified a direction for my future academic journey and developed my confidence and self-assurance.

I also know my internship will benefit my work with WWCSC as a Young Advisor. I have an increased understanding of the organisation at the core, its values and its colleagues. I’m now also more informed about projects and the involvement of all departments to make work successful and achieve the best for children and young people in care.