“We welcome the opportunity to experiment and it’s important there is a research base behind this”

Alastair Gibbons, Birmingham
Research Centre Manager

24 July 2018

A vlog from Alastair Gibbons, Director of Operations, Birmingham Children’s Trust, wave one partner.

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This is a transcript of the vlog

“Birmingham Children’s Trust is a new organisation. We only formed from the city council in April this year. For the last three years children’s services in Birmingham have improved significantly with much greater stability and focus.

“We are committed to working in relationship-based and systemic way with children and families to help them make positive improvements in their lives. We welcome the opportunity to experiment and to innovate, but it’s important there is a research base behind this so that any approaches are genuinely evidence based.

“Therefore we are really pleased that the new What Works Centre for Social Care has chosen Birmingham Children’s Trust as one of its six first Pioneer Partner organisations.

“We have agreed with the What Works Centre to focus over July and August (2018) on workforce development and what new ideas we can generate to make the environment more supportive of professional social work in a way that enables social workers to carry out that difficult task with the best possible environment and support that we can give them.”