WWCSC to provide research support to the review of children’s social care

20 April 2021

What Works for Children’s Social Care is pleased to announce that as part of our remit to create and promote evidence-based practice in children’s social care, we will be providing research support to the independent review of children’s social care.

We believe that the use of evidence is vital for the review to achieve its mission of a once in a generation change in the children’s social care system, and are heartened by the review’s emphasis on an evidence-based approach. 

WWCSC will contribute to the review in a number of ways, including producing evidence summaries and rapid reviews in areas of interest to the review, and conducting new research and analysis in priority areas. We will also seek, where possible, to test theories about what could improve the system for children, young people and families.

Dr Michael Sanders, Chief Executive of What Works for Children’s Social Care, said

“We are pleased that WWCSC is to provide research support to the care review. We believe that creating an evidence-based children’s social care system that is constantly producing evidence, and evolving and improving as a result of this evidence, is vital to ensure that every child grows up in a loving and stable environment. ”