Evidence store

Building a store of evidence

One of the initial activities of the What Works Centre for Children’s Social Care will be to build a store of evidence for professionals to use in their work. The purpose of the evidence store is to provide accessible summaries of robust evidence about which social care interventions are effective and why.

The evidence store will use the What Works Centre’s evidence standards to present evidence about how effective interventions are, how they work, in what contexts they work and what is known about how to implement them. We expect to use the EMMIE framework developed by the UCL Jill Dando Institute for our evidence standards.

The evidence store will be launched on our website in early 2019.

Examples of other evidence stores

Other What Works Centres have developed toolkits or guidebooks which present accessible summaries of evidence about ‘what works’ in their chosen area of public services.

Examples include:

Co-development of the evidence store

To ensure that the evidence store is helpful to managers and workers, we will develop it in partnership with the Children’s Social Care professionals who will be using it. Initially this work will be carried out with the What Works Centre’s local authority partners (West Sussex County Council and Coventry City Council) and our Practitioner Panel. We will then seek to test our initial designs with a wider group of professionals.

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