Arnaud Vaganay

Head of Research

Arnaud is the Head of Research with over 15 years’ experience in research and meta-research.

As a researcher, Arnaud is particularly interested in interventions that have the potential to improve the outcomes of disadvantaged children, their parents/carers and the professionals who support them. He is specialised in the design, and management of large-scale, complex evaluations. For example, he commissioned and managed the evaluation of the National Tutoring Programme, which is part of the government’s £1bn Covid Catch-Up Programme.

Arnaud’s meta-research focuses on errors, biases and misreporting in social policy evaluation, as well as the possible causes of such behaviours. His published work and presentations provide concrete examples of how economists and social researchers can improve the readability, credibility and replicability of their analyses.

He has held various research and teaching positions, most recently at the Education Endowment Foundation, NatCen Social Research, and the London School of Economics.

Arnaud loves the great outdoors (whether it’s for cycling, hiking, swimming, or skiing) but he’s equally happy to stay at home and cook for his friends and family.