Nick Axford

PenCLAHRC Associate Professor, University of Plymouth; Senior Associate, Dartington Service Design Lab

Nick has worked in children’s services research for over 20 years, focusing on how to improve psychosocial outcomes for children and families, with an emphasis on prevention and early intervention. He has led or worked on several randomised controlled trials, and has extensive experience of helping to develop (or adapt) and evaluate interventions to improve children’s well-being in a range of areas relevant to social care (e.g. emotional well-being, bullying, anti-social behaviour). Latterly, he has been involved in the rapid cycle testing of adaptations to an evidence-based home visiting programme for first-time and often vulnerable young mothers. He has helped to develop standards of evidence for online repositories of interventions in Europe and the US and applied those standards to multiple evaluation studies. Nick has conducted evidence reviews on safeguarding and domestic abuse, and sought to engage constructively in critical debates about evidence-based practice, including in relation to child protection.