Parents and Children Together

Parents and Children Together (PACT) developed an innovative online adoption support solution, known as The Adopter Hub, with a DfE Practice Improvement Fund grant and co-developed this with PACT adopters. This platform supports and empowers adopters, and addresses issues at the earliest stage in order to help adopted children achieve the best possible start in life. PACT will be working with What Works for Children’s Social Care to evaluate the impact of The Adopter Hub on adopters and their children.

The PINE self-evaluation tools will be used to look at to what extent The Adoption Hub improves adopters’ resilience, placement stability and demand for social worker interventions.

Natausha van Vliet, Chief Operating Officer said:

“It is an exciting step for us to partner with What Works for Children’s Social Care to closely examine how the service is being used and what support it has provided for adopters and their children. The results of this invaluable research will be used to shape the future development of the Hub.”