Paul Montgomery

Professor Social Intervention, University of Birmingham; Affiliate Professor, University of Malta

Paul is Professor of Social Intervention at Birmingham University after twenty years at Oxford where he was Professor of Psycho-social Intervention. His work is methodologically based in three main areas: Systematic Reviews, Trials (many of them RCTs) and Methods Advances in Complex Interventions. Topically, his work is wide ranging and includes Sleep where he originally did his doctorate, Education Interventions for Children, Empowerment Interventions for Women in LMICs, as well as broader policy advice for policymakers. Most recently he has led the new CONSORT Extension for Social and Psychological Interventions and also GRADE for Complex Interventions, both funded by ESRC. Paul is also a member of the Cross Whitehall Trials Panel based at Cabinet Office and is a panel member for NIHR and ESRC.