Peter Sandiford

Chief Executive Officer, The Independent Children’s Homes Association

Children’s social care has played a significant role in Peter’s life for the last 65 years starting in care as a baby and then being adopted.  He has worked in residential care and adoption support for the last 46 years.  He led the Government/Gatsby funded NCB Improving Education Outcomes Project in the 1990’s.  He was CEO of the national adoption support agency, PAC-UK, growing it from being a south east England resource to having a national footprint.  He was also a member of the Adoption Leadership Board.

Back to his residential care roots as CEO of ICHA and with his commitment to early intervention and impact measurement he is driving forward his passion that residential care be seen as the right option, at the right time and for the right children rather than continuing as a last resort only brought into play when all else has repeatedly failed.