Pippa Milligan

Programmes Manager

Pippa supports the development and delivery of What Works for Children’s Social Care programmes, which aim to improve outcomes for children, young people and their families.

Previously, she worked as an International Programmes Manager at the British Academy, managing a range of projects and GCRF funded schemes such as Youth Futures and Early Childhood Education. These were schemes that aimed to influence policy making in the education sector and brought a youth lens to the global sustainable development challenges.

Prior to this, Pippa worked for a children’s charity, “The Institute of Imagination”, which exists to champion imagination across STEAM subjects for children from lower socio-economic backgrounds. Here, she played a key role in securing funds for their multi-million-pound capital campaign as well as carrying out ongoing outreach activity and workshops.

Pippa also completed an MSc in Biological Anthropology, carrying out a research project and conducting field work in Vanuatu for three months. She worked with children in two rural schools. Her study sought to evaluate the influence of authority figures and peers on students’ learning and their tendency to adjust opinions and memories to conform. The findings supported the importance of peer learning as opposed to learning under traditional authority figures in those communities.

In her free time, Pippa enjoys playing tennis and the clarinet.