Tina Russell

I Qualified as a Social Worker in 1992 and took up my first managerial post in 1996. During my career I have worked across a number different LA’s in London and the Midlands. I have worked as a Manager, IRO, QA lead and Assistant Director giving me depth and breadth of experience in the delivery of children’s social care and in working across the safeguarding partnership.

I joined Worcestershire Local Authority in October 2016, the same month Ofsted undertook our SIF inspection and the services were found to be “inadequate” and we were placed under a direction to form an alternative delivery model.

Since then I have led the service improvement programme that has transformed the way we deliver services, the way we understand ourselves and how we understand the impact we are making to the lives of children and young people we are working with.

Our work was recognised formally in June 19 when Ofsted undertook our ILAC and our “inadequate” grading was removed, and we were found to be an adequate service with significant recognition given to the quality of our direct work with children, our strong leadership and our understanding of ourselves.

We moved to our model of service delivery “Worcestershire Children First” in October 2019 where I continue in my role as Director of Social Care and Safeguarding.