Triin Edovald

Head of International Programmes, Education Endowment Foundation; Principal Researcher, Innovation Growth Lab, Nesta

Triin has over 20 years of experience predominantly in the field of prevention sciences and psycho-social and education interventions that are aimed at improving child outcomes, particularly in public service systems. Triin specialises in the issues around the development, implementation and scale-up as well as the impact evaluation of interventions. Triin is also interested in evidence-based decision-making and policy development and how to move more innovations up the ‘evidence pipeline’ so they become evidence-based. Triin is Head of International Evaluation at Education Endowment (EEF) Foundation where she oversees the management of the Global Trials Fund and EEF’s approach to evaluation and capacity building in other countries. Triin also holds a post of Principal Researcher at Innovation Growth Lab at Nesta.