Happier, Healthier Professional: Ministry of Defence Inspiring the Next Generation

WWCSC are conducting a randomised controlled trial in collaboration with the Ministry of Defence (MoD) Defence Intelligence to investigate the effectiveness of a wellbeing intervention delivered to staff, in the form of a series of eight weekly email messages that emphasise the shared experiences, challenges and rewarding nature of their work.


Randomised controlled trial / In progress



This project involves a series of eight weekly social support messages going to Ministry of Defence Defence Intelligence (MoD-DI) staff who have started at the organisation in the past three years. The project builds on recent research showing that light-touch messages sent to staff which aim to increase social belonging and support can help to reduce burnout and turnover rates.

The messages will contain content from MoD-DI senior leaders and existing employees, focused around eight different themes, and aiming to build a shared sense of professional identity and social belonging in the workplace.

The intervention will be tested via an individual-level randomised controlled trial, with half of the participants assigned to the treatment (receiving the MOD-ING intervention) and the other half to the control group (who do not receive the intervention).

We will collect survey data as well as administrative data pre- and post-intervention in order to analyse any effects of the intervention on our outcomes of interest: Employees’ subjective well-being (primary), organisational commitment and perceived organisational support, and their sense of professional identity. We will also run exploratory analyses on turnover intentions, and actual turnover via administrative data.

The project will be launched in July 2021, and is scheduled to end by October 2023. Reporting on the interim findings from this project will be conducted by late 2021.

Privacy Notice

The Privacy Notice for the participants in this project can be found here: Privacy Notice