We Can Talk About Domestic Abuse: A Pilot Evaluation

The Policy Evaluation and Research Unit (PERU) at Manchester Metropolitan University are conducting a pilot evaluation of Wirral Council's 'We Can Talk About Domestic Abuse' programme


Pilot / In progress

Estimated completion

March 2022

Delivered by

Wirral Council

Evaluated by

Policy Evaluation and Research Unit (PERU) at Manchester Metropolitan University

Key Figures

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We Can Talk About Domestic Abuse is a programme that is trying to develop new ways of working to improve the experience of social care processes for those parents and children affected by domestic abuse so that they feel believed, supported and empowered, whilst being appropriately safeguarded.

The evaluation will provide insights into the implementation of the programme, its costs, and whether an RCT would be feasible in the future.

The evaluation aims to explore actors’ perceptions of effectiveness and examine change over time in outcome indicators. It will also consider the extent to which the programme as a whole or some element of it might be
evaluated using more formal impact evaluation approaches.

The pilot evaluation will take place over 15 months and consists of three sets of activities:

  1. building upon and developing the programme’s theory of change (ToC) through workshops involving strategic and front line staff in order to generate a logic model;
  2. empirical research to test the ToC, exploring both evidence of feasibility and evidence of promise through a small number of in-depth longitudinal case studies, a survey, and analysis of quantitative management information; and
  3. an assessment of the feasibility of implementing an experimental or quasi-experimental impact evaluation of either the programme or some element of it, through secondary data analysis.

The evaluation team will submit the final evaluation report in March 2022.